About A.I. Tunes


A.I. Tunes is a spinoff of Audio Intuition, serving as a label of sorts under which to publish music produced by A.I.

We’re all about music, here. Music, to us, is a way to express things we couldn’t possibly express with words or even pictures. So we want to share that with you. To that end, most of the music on A.I. Tunes will be available for free to download.

(Of course, as starving artists, we also wouldn’t mind making a few bucks, so, eventually, you will also be able to purchase CDs from this site.)

All of our music is totally original—we compose it all from top to bottom.


For now, A.I. Tunes consists of John Wright and Joey Luck. We met in Virginia Beach, Virginia, as singers in the Kellam High School Madrigals. We are both accomplished musicians: John has sung in some very good community choirs, now sings with the CSU Chamber Singers, and records local musicians on the side; Joey, also a very good singer and vocoding mastermind, has performed as a keyboardist in a band at some large venues like the Norva.

Together, we make a pretty complete team. We’re both very musical. John is good at writing software for making the release process easier, and he knows a thing or two about digital audio, mixers, and software; Joey has experience performing with bands, and he knows how to please crowds! Whenever one of us is ready to release a song, the other is a willing and helpful second set of ears…

In the future, we hope to produce and host more artists.