Joey Luck


John Wright: “Joey Luck is one lean, mean, vocoding machine! (Actually, he’s a really nice guy…)”

Joey Luck: “I agree!!!”

HAHA! On a more serious note… Hi, I’m Joey Luck! I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA and currently living in Fort Collins, CO attending CSU. I’ve been playing keyboards for about 13 years now and vocoding for seven. Music is my passion. It’s what makes me happy. Hopefully you can enjoy it as much as I do =o)

You can learn more about me by visiting me on my Myspace page.

What the heck is a vocoder?

As you may hear prominently in most of my songs - something that sounds as if a robot is singing. This is known as vocoding. A vocoder is a device that takes a source signal (in this case, my keyboard), and shapes it with a formant signal (in this case, my voice) to make a “robot voice” effect. I’ll play the melody on the keyboard while talking into the microphone. The vowel sounds I make shape the sound coming from the keyboard and the vocoder also picks up my consonants. There ya go ladies and gentlemen - that’s vocoding in a nutshell!


Theme Park Romance

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“Oh my God I regret that I ate (that funnel cake).” This is a song about riding roller coasters! It can be thought of metaphorically—it’s about always being there for someone and offering encouragement.

[INTERESTING FACT]:“Theme Park Romance” was written about a roller coaster, Flight of Fear, at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia. However, it has come to my attention during a recent visit to Kings Dominion that the roller coaster has been sold to somewhere in Canada! What!? I was really bummed. It had sentimental value to me =( Who would’ve thought such a scary roller coaster could have that effect?

Pirates Vs. the Robots

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Known in history books as the most epic battle of all time, “Pirates Vs. the Robots” takes a closer look into the feud between the two greatest beings of all time. A lot of school systems kept this story from their students. Well, now you shall learn ye maties…

[NEAT FACT]:“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!”“Beep Boop!”

Share This Dream

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This song was written December of 2004. A lot of feeling went into the writing of this song, but I won’t talk your ear off about it here. The story behind the song can be found within the lyrics.

[FUN FACT]:“Share This Dream” received airplay during the Late Late Rock Show with Chad on 96X WROX! Thanks Shomi and Philip (aka ballernation)! =o)

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