John Wright


I’m your basic geek, who also happens to be a musician. I own and operate Audio Intuition (although I don’t do much with it these days), and I’m a Release Engineer at Google. I’m also a Debian Developer.


Moments of Weakness

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A song written for a girl (big surprise, I’m sure).

This one came to me surprisingly quickly: I had started writing some of the words on New Years, then a couple of days later, I started playing a chord progression I had never heard and adapted the words I had written to fit. I recorded most of the song that night, and spent the next few days polishing.

It’s pretty simple, mainly piano and vocals in 5-meter, with a Rhodes Mark I and some strings making an appearance in the middle. Enjoy!

Emotion Unleashed

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Originally written for a friend’s independent film (which, unfortunately, didn’t wind up coming to fruition), this is a blatant abuse of the Orkester strings in Reason. It builds up to a very exciting climax and then leaves you hanging, wanting more…

Too Deep for Me

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I’m actually a little embarrassed to put this up here. It was recorded years ago, before I actually had any decent equipment, so the sound quality is pretty poor. But, people who hear it tell me it’s a great song, and I haven’t gotten around to re-recording it. So, it’s here by popular demand (you may thank Joey…).

I wrote this song for the friends I’ve left behind with all the times I have moved throughout my life (mostly since my father was in the Coast Guard). The lyrics are available, if you want them.

Creative Commons LicenseThis music is free to share non-commercially under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.